Pets need human company, lots of love, and plenty of exercise. Balancing work, relationships, children, hobbies, vacations, and entertainment can cut into your pet's requirements for a happy life. Sometimes a helping hand can ease the strain. And that's where Walks & Wags comes in...

Les animaux de compagnie ont besoin de notre présence et de beaucoup d'exercice. Mais avec le travail, les amis, les enfants et toutes les activités, il n'est pas facile de combler les besoins de notre animal. Parfois, on aurait juste besoin d'un coup de main. C'est là qu'intervient Walks & Wags Services de promenade pour chiens...

Sitting Services

Sitting Services

Do you feel guilty leaving your cat alone for the weekend? Or boarding him/her in a cattery for longer times apart? Then in-home pet sitting is the solution for you!

Cats can be very particular about their surroundings, and tend to become more stressed than dogs when their routine is changed. That's why having a pet sitter come to your home once or twice daily is a great way to make sure your cat is cared for without stressing him out - he gets to use his litter box, eat from his bowl, play with his toys, and even if he is a bit skittish, he has his own comfy hiding spots to fall back on.

We strive to make your cats happy, healthy, and safe. We pay special attention to their dietary and medicinal needs, and make sure that their is plenty of time in our visits for playtime and cuddling, if your cat so wishes. We're also happy to bring in your mail, change around lights curtains, and TV/radio, and water your plants. Everything to give your home the "lived-in" appearance, even when Minou is the only one at home.

While we do specialize in cats, we are able to take care of any number of other indoor pets including rabbits, birds, lizards and hamsters.


  • First in-home consultation: Free
  • One visit daily: $20/day
  • Two visits daily: $38/day

Additional Notes

  • Last minute addition (˂24hrs notice): add $6
  • Statutory Holidays: add $10
  • Cancellation (˂24hrs notice): 50% of visit rate
  • Optional Key Pick-Up or Drop-Off: $12
  • Food/Litter supply replenishment: cost of items plus $15 service charge

All prices are subject to applicable GST & QST