Pets need human company, lots of love, and plenty of exercise. Balancing work, relationships, children, hobbies, vacations, and entertainment can cut into your pet's requirements for a happy life. Sometimes a helping hand can ease the strain. And that's where Walks & Wags comes in...

Les animaux de compagnie ont besoin de notre présence et de beaucoup d'exercice. Mais avec le travail, les amis, les enfants et toutes les activités, il n'est pas facile de combler les besoins de notre animal. Parfois, on aurait juste besoin d'un coup de main. C'est là qu'intervient Walks & Wags Services de promenade pour chiens...

Private Walks

Private Walks

Sometimes it's not possible to walk dogs in groups. If they are too young, they may be too excitable which becomes extremely irritating to older dogs. This can be dangerous for the puppy and the other dogs in the group, so we usually try to walk puppies alone until they are trained well-enough to come when called. Older, convalescent dogs usually do better in private walks as well. They may be stiff, or tired, and not able to keep up. Or they may have trouble hearing and wander off, unable to hear us calling them. And some dogs just don't mix well with other dogs.

This is why we offer private walks. If your dog isn't dependable in a group, but still requires lots of exercise we offer a 30 minute private walk through your neighborhood. If you have a younger puppy or an older dog who has trouble controlling their bladder, we offer a shorter pee break. This is usually about ten minutes and gives your dog the chance to get out there and do their business, rather than leaving it on the kitchen floor!


  • First in-home consultation: Free
  • Pee break (10 min): $15 each
  • 30 min private walk: $20 each
  • Additional dog(s), same household: add $9
  • Other walk length options are available upon request

Additional Notes

  • Addition (˂24hrs notice): add $6
  • Statutory Holidays: add $10
  • Weekend Walks: add $6
  • Cancellation (˂24hrs notice): 50% of visit rate
  • Optional Key Pick-Up or Drop-Off: $12

All prices are subject to applicable GST & QST