Pets need human company, lots of love, and plenty of exercise. Balancing work, relationships, children, hobbies, vacations, and entertainment can cut into your pet's requirements for a happy life. Sometimes a helping hand can ease the strain. And that's where Walks & Wags comes in...

Les animaux de compagnie ont besoin de notre présence et de beaucoup d'exercice. Mais avec le travail, les amis, les enfants et toutes les activités, il n'est pas facile de combler les besoins de notre animal. Parfois, on aurait juste besoin d'un coup de main. C'est là qu'intervient Walks & Wags Services de promenade pour chiens...


Valerie (Puck, Tiger, Jazz, and Bear): "I cannot tell you how wonderful it is having your fantastic pet care business alive and well in the world. It makes our trips so much less stressful - in preparation - and while we're gone. Thank you!"
Carole and Guy (Tracy): "Every morning, instead of feeling guilty and sad for leaving Tracy behind, we felt good to know that Walks & Wags would come by later on to take care of our sweetheart. Every night, we would return to a cheerful and affectionate dog, knowing somehow that we owed part of this happiness to our devoted dog walkers from Walks & Wags."
Laura and Frances (Elfie): "… she enjoyed your visits, and we very much appreciated the care and affection you gave her. You got to know her in the final year of a very full life - thank you for your patience and kindness with her."
Rosanna (Monte): "Monte not only lost four pounds in the first winter of being walked, he is much more calm around other dogs, which makes me feel much more relaxed when I take him out."
Kathleen (Amaruq): "With a Canadian Eskimo Dog (Quinmiq) in the city, dog-walking (running) services are a godsend, if not a must. It's impossible to tire these guys out. Walks & Wags has enhanced my dog's quality of life and prevented human collapse from total exhaustion."
Joseé (Nougat): "I have great trust in Walks & Wags. They are reliable and always there when I need them. Nougat likes them a lot and is more relaxed on the days when they come. We also appreciate having dog walking services on the weekend!"
Veronica (Jenny): "Thanks so much for taking such great care of Jenny while I was away. I'm sorry that her diarrhea gave you a scare but I'm really glad that she was in such capable hands and that you were able to take care of it."